Welcome to Tolusworld Afro-fitness klub. An online klub that exists to motivate and work with individuals who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness, healthy diet and lifestyle modification. Currently we have 6 people in this klub. I am currently working with each member on the modification of their diet and lifestyle.


Y-E-A-H….. TWAF Klub is born…… HIPEE!!!!

Thanks to the TWAF klub members, they will share their challenges and successes with me which I will blog for your reading pleasure weekly. Members are identified in codes meaning readers will be blinded to their identity. They also do not know each other except through Tolusworld blog which will only be through codes as well. Now I know this sounds like fun and yes it is meant to be fun but I want it to go beyond that. Hopefully it will motivate and inspire you to live a promising healthy lifestyle. Introducing TWAF Klub members and their basic information: TWAFK1- Tolulope Dairo (Me J)- Current weight- 73kg/160.6lbs.desired weight 65kg (143lbs). Weight loss challenge- 8kgs (17.6lbs)….. God help me 🙂 . Click HERE to read more about my weight loss challenge . TWAFK2- Current weight: 72.6 kg/159.7lbs; General food list: white rice, amala ( can’t do, wheat, boiled and fried plantain, semolina, eba ( once in a while), garri.  I snack only when normal meal doesn’t come on time and cookies and plantain chips most times. Basic lifestyle: I work Monday to Friday sitting at a desk from 8.30am to 6 pm with walking around less than 1 hour interval including break times.  Breakfast is usually cereal (kellogs k- special ) with skimmed milk and one cube of sugar sometimes . This is taken around 10 am at the most. Lunch is any of the above named Naija foods (most times amala) with fish and ewedu plus plain stew . I go to parties and other social gatherings on Saturdays and stay at home for chores on Sundays.  That’s my typical lifestyle. Let me add here that I run/ walk for a minimum of 45 minutes a day; 6 days a week. From 6.30am to 7.15 am. I do more on Saturdays though. I try to do 10,000 steps a day but mostly achieve about 8500 steps. Morning wake up time: 5.30am; Break fast time: between 9am and 10 am; Bed time: 10 pm; Lunch time: from 2 pm depends on how late breakfast was; Dinner time : the days lunch were skipped can be as late as 9 pm. 

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TWAFK 3- Sorry it took a while to reply. Partly because I was scared of stepping on the scale and I finally did! Current weight: 84kgs /185lbs (so embarrassed cos I lost weight last year). Basic lifestyle- I don’t know how I can make this work because I have a lot on my plate now so 7 hours of sleep is ruled out for the next 6 months! Also, I leave work at 6pm and it takes an average of 45 mins for me to get home so dinner before 7pm is impossible! Food: Rice (jollof, fried white etc.) sandwiches (I loooovvvveee that), yam, beans, plantain (but I have found a way out cos I can slice and put in the microwave without frying), seafood etc. I am not a fan of Naija solids. I have a sweet tooth so just name all the snacks but I can do without them. I also like cauliflower, carrots and fruits in general and mixed nuts. I take an average of 2 liters of water daily but I also like sparkling water with 0 calories. My job entails sitting at my desk and I really don’t have time to go to the gym but I can squeeze in a few minutes of exercise daily if I am disciplined. I have my bar exams coming so I don’t have leisure time at all until after the exams. I hope I have said enough but seriously, I want to loose at least 10lbs for starters. IMG_0776TWAFK 4- Current weight: 75.9kg/167lbs (yikes, I didn’t know I weighed that much  until Monday) I need to seriously lose  weight  because that’s a dangerous weight for someone  that is my height. General food list- I love Boli…. plaintain in any form lol. I also love rice with stew (any type). Currently I’m snacking on pita chips with hummus, peppers with hummus…anything with hummus lol. I snack on any fruit. I have in the house (pomegranates, apples,and  bananas). Once in a while I will make guacamole and eat it with sweet potato chips or oven backed  plantain chips (lightly salted). Basic lifestyle- Morning wakeup time- 5:30/6:00am- Bedtime- 11pm; Breakfast time- 9am; Lunch time- 1pm; Dinner time- 7pm (average time); Workout time- Early in the morning; Cardio-30 min/day and weight lifting 30 min/day.  I haven’t been exercising prior to this week.  This week I’ve been to the gym 4x and stuck to my routine.  I’m excited because I’m already feeling energized an already, lost one lb (most likely water weight lol). Can’t wait to share my progress with you and everyone in the club. IMG_0768 TWAFK 5- Current weight: 240 lbs; General food list- flour dumplings, eggs, bread, curried chicken, jerked chicken; Basic lifestyle- BUSY; Morning wakeup time- 5:00 am; Bedtime varies between 10:00pm-12:00am; Breakfast time-7:00am; Lunch time-1:00pm; Dinner time-varies; Work out time- 7:00pm. TWAFK 6- Current weight- 124.5kg/274.7lbs ; food list; Carbs is my biggest issue.  (i.e: rice, bread, and snacks such as chips and crackers). I have an issue keeping it at a minimum when I don’t have healthy snacks around or when I am stressed (which has been quite often lately). Other things I mostly eat include fish, chicken, salads, tuna, eggs, beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions, Greek yogurt, apples, grapes, strawberries, bananas, spinach, string beans, cabbage, carrots, celery, cottage cheese, and green smoothies. Basic lifestyle- I tend to not get enough sleep because I usually go to bed late and wake up early. I usually get 5 hours of sleep daily. Morning wakeup time- between 5:30 and 8am; Bedtime- between 11pm and 2am; Breakfast time- between 8:00am and 11:00am; Lunch time- between 12:30 and 3:00pm; Dinner time- between 6:30 and 9pm; Workout time: I usually exercise at night between 8pm and 12am. For the most part I plan on doing 30 minute exercise videos at home.  I also plan on going to the gym a few times a week to run on the treadmill, do the stair master, take workout classes, and lift weights. Thank you once again for reaching out to me for this weight loss challenge/motivation.  I really need it at this point in my life.  I will keep you updated on my journey and send you some things I come across that I think may benefit you and your bloggers…. Until later….. cha-cha 🙂  

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