Happy Tuesday! It is week 2 of my weight loss challenge. Thank you for stopping by.

I am exceptionally excited this week because my Afro-fitness page is giving birth to an online Klub. This is as a result of the interest some of TW readers have shown towards my weight loss challenge. They are coming on board with me. YEA!!!!!! The klub will be called “Tolusworld Afro-fitness Klub (TWAF-K)”. I already have 4 people who are going on this challenge with.

Tolusworld-Afro-fitness-klub (TWAF-K) – Quickly to tell you a little about TWAF-K- The klub will consist of people that are looking to be motivated to lose weight. We will be accountable to each other. In TWAF-K, we will monitor our content and quality of food intake, hydration, lifestyle modification, exercise time and type, sleep time, stress induced factors and ways to mitigate them etc. I plan to make it fun for all the members. All members are willing to share their challenges and triumphs with TW readers. Therefore I will be blogging our progress weekly on Tolusworld. I will create a sub tab under afro-fitness called “TW Afro-fitness-Klub”. This is where our updates will be posted. Updates will be posted weekly. For privacy reasons, members of the klub will be referred to in codes e.g. TWAF-K1. You are free to join, just send me an email on tolusworld@gmail.com. Make sure you are not left out of the fun.

Now down to my own weight loss challenge:

Last week I wasn’t too impressed with my weight loss challenge. My plan was to exercise at least 1 hr. daily/5 days/week. I ended up doing it for 1hr/4 days. Last week was a typical example of how fatigue can influence your fitness life. I remember last Thursday, I practically dragged myself to the treadmill when I remembered I am accountable to my readers. I did 25 mins (something I do 50 minutes at times). I became bored but because I was so determined to work out, I quickly switched to dancing. Then I danced for another 30mins. By the time I was done, I was dripping wet.

In respect to food, quality and quantity has improved tremendously. This week, I am actually making fish, 1%milk and egg white my only source of protein. I plan on adding chicken with it in the second month.


I promised last week that I will share a sample of my meal and workout schedule with you so here I go…………

On a typical day-

I wake up at 6:00am and take 1 glass of water (500mls). Then go take care of my children

Workout time: Sometimes in the morning or during my lunch break. Mostly lunch break because sometimes I have meetings in the mornings.

Breakfast- between 8:00-9:00am- I take either Honeynut cheerios with 1% of milk of fat free depending on what I have or 2/3 cup of Oatmeal (no milk- I like it plain) with sweeteners and boiled egg white

Lunch- If at home- Cerolina (Nigerian protein solid) or Elubo Ogede (Amala) with Efo (Vegetable stew or Okro). If I take Eba/Iyan I exercise serious portion control. The vegetable must be the bigger part of the meal. I’ll delve into this more in my future blog post when I speak on preparation of each meal and the trick to eating and not adding calories.

At work: Salad+ grilled Fish

Dinner– This depends on what I had for lunch. If I had the likes of eba/iyan etc for lunch then I have to take it light in the evening. But if I ate salad in the afternoon, I have to eat a little heavier in the evening though it is advocated to always eat light in the evening. Please remember, I always exercise portion control and I never take Naija foods at night.

Anticipated Challenges: Still working on my late eating

Diet Modification: Substituting Chicken for fish now…..

Next week Tuesday is my weigh day. Look out for my post and an update on TWAF-Klub.

Until then ………..cha-cha

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