WEIGHT LOSS TIPS for the week- Afro-fitness Klub

Today I want to share some of the WEIGHT LOSS TIPS that has helped me maintain my weight .

Exercise portion control by not eating with a big plate. Train yourself and make it a norm to use a small plate for your meals. It reduces the amount of food portion that you heap on your plate.

Pre-think, plan and shop for your weekly meals before the week starts. Make sure you include your snacks and favorite foods as part of your daily calorie intake.

Be a calorie counter– Read food/snack packet labels before you consume them. What this does is that it creates awareness within you. This might not be possible for Nigerian/African foods but if you exercise portion control, this will reduce your daily calorie intake.

Hydration is key in weight loss/maintenance- It can reduce your food cravings tremendously- Personally I will recommend 2 liters but this also depends on how active you are. Try not to go below 1.5 liters. If you actively work out you need to stay hydrated. Remember tea also counts as daily fluid intake.

Morning work out

TWAF K2 Early morning run with calories burned


Easy steps to fulfil a 2 liter daily water intake:

– Start your day with drinking room temperature water Take a glass full (500mls). Human beings tend to wake up thirsty

– If you work out, before, during and after workout, take another glass of water.

– Take another glass during mealtime, especially lunch time when you take your heaviest meal of the day (I’m assuming this is when you take your heaviest meal

– You can space the remaining throughout the day and if you are like me, I take mine in a huge gulp each time.

– Lastly, set an alarm for your water intake. If you plan on making drinking water part of your daily routine, put it on your schedule.




TWAF K2 Gym Workout 7TWAF K2 Gym Workout 5TWAF K2 Gym Workout 6TWAF K2 Gym Workout 12TWAF K2 Gym Workout 6

TWAF K2 Gym Workout 2

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