In marketing, a product’s package is an essential part of its sale because it has direct influence on customer’s immediate positive perception of the product which in turn influences customer’s assessment of product and then its labeling. Positive perception with label understanding plus a good price tag leads to purchase.

Now let’s transfer this into relationships. Single ladies are like goods on a store shelf waiting patiently to be purchased by a customer (aka eligible bachelors). If your packaging is tampered with (in the pharmaceutical world, we call this an adverse event), inappropriate or not appealing, you stand a very high chance of not being purchased and if you eventually get purchased, it might be with a promo for a discounted price (meaning your values may be compromised therefore you might not be purchased for the full price anymore 🙂 )

Here is someone’s relationship drama…

There is this guy that used to hang around me all the time. Nice decent guy o. I thought he liked me and things were going fine between us. He was nice to me and vice versa. But all of a sudden, I heard he asked another girl out….WHAT? I thought I did everything right 🙁 🙁 🙁

Is this your dilemma? Girlfriend……my answer to you is this…. CHECK-YOUR-PACKAGING. You heard me. CHECK-YOUR-PACKAGING.

So here is my good packaging check-list……..in chronological order….

#1. Your Appearance- I’m sure you’ve heard it before that men are visual. I can confirm to you….both before and after marriage. How well are you dressed? Your shoes, clothes, makeup, perfume…oh and your manicure/pedicure etc. A lot of women focus only on content building (brain/intelligence) this is great (and by the way this is one of the qualities that will keep him but before you get to keeping…..girlfriend…. you must first catch. Mostly, a man gets to see you before he gets to know you are smart upstairs (except in academic or professional setting where your content may attract a man before your appearance). Men like eye-catching distinctive attractive women. Take your time to make yourself attractive. How well do you have it together EVERYTIME you go out? I capitalized the “everytime” because it has to be “everytime”….. The purpose of well-considered design, creative printing and finishing (appearance) is to entice the consumer (aka eligible bachelors) to devote attention to the pack and its contents (i.e. YOU).

I’m sorry to say this…but men look at women’s weight. The other day I was speaking with a young guy and he told me he won’t ask an overweight girl out. HA! You will think this is vain. Nope. As a matter of fact, a lot of guys think like this. Of course you do see men that date overweight ladies but generally speaking, men like slim babes. Take time to be fit.

IMG_2174#2. Comportment/Carriage- So you have taken that time to invest in your looks and appearance. Great job! The next step is to learn how to carry yourself with grace when you walk or speak outside. How you cough, sneeze, laugh etc. Learn to wear beautiful smile. Your mannerism and style. Your speech and eloquence.

In short, YOU MUST HAVE A SWAG (hope I used this right….I need single ladies to teach me these terms 🙂 ). Jokes apart….Having the right swag makes you to be endearing. Your carriage (before a man speaks to you) communicates your class. Add value to your package by being sophisticated and having class. Some people associate class with money but honestly I disagree. Class is how you carry yourself, how much of a lady you are, or how you comport yourself.

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#3. Content Building- Here is how it works….the guy sees you, he likes what he sees then he approaches you to strike a conversation. And ….ooops… you start talking and….gbam…..no substance/content in your conversation…WHAT? U turn (In US, we call this Jug-handle)….he will take a U turn..uunn-uunn and off he goes hunting for another well packaged and attractive young lady. Simple.

How well are you building your conversation content? Meaning how rich is your conversation when you speak. How verse are you in current (social, political, scientific, spiritual, entertainment, gossips, stock market etc.) affairs? This is important. It shows a guy that meets you on the first day that you are not just beauty but beauty with brains. Content building requires a little bit of homework on your side. Find something that interests you. Take time to read and study to know what is going on around you. Specialize in some conversation topics so that when you succeed in attracting a guy to approach you, you want to be sure you engage him in a conversation that will leave an indelible mark on him so that he will ask for your phone number and can’t wait to speak to you a second time. Leave a smart impression on him.

#4. Prayers- Yes…... Prayers. This is an intrinsic element of packaging that you have to check off your list every day. It’s a necessity. Why do you need this? Simple…God’s grace and glory. Sometimes in life, no matter how much we try, some things just don’t work out. 2+2 does not always equal 4. It takes prayers. Do your part and leave the rest to God.

Disclaimer- Please note that this check list only pertains to attracting a guy. When it comes to actually keeping a man in a relationship, there are deeper concepts that should be applied.


Don’t worry….keep staying with me and I’ll continue to walk you through your relationship drama. The end justifies the means…..  🙂

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